A tale about the pseudophase measurement drift and it's mitigation

During the development process of the MC149.01 GNSS receiver, we’ve got a delegation from the company making a reference station network. Their job is to make a Hydrogen Master clock-based station with three receivers inside. For one of their receivers they chose some of the Javad lineups, other two are vacant. Therefore, they came to us to test our device and, if all is good, include it in their master-device.

RTKLib custom GNSS receiver protocol integration

Every GNSS engineer has heard of the RTKLib. It’s an open source toolkit for real-time and post-processing of the raw GNSS data. The availability of such a toolkit is somewhat of a revolution: it allowed small companies to step into the high-precision navigation market without the need for spending a lot of time and money on R&D tasks. There are, however, some limitations and drawbacks:

Embed resources in C++ on Windows (Visual Studio)

I’ve got a confession to make: I love standalone applications. Nothing buggers me more than getting a “DLL missing” error from an executable you’ve got from somewhere. Another problem is when an application requires some external data. Sometimes those files should be placed in relative directories alongside the executable, in the most disturbing case the paths are hardcoded.


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